665 Royal Avenue, Franklinville, New Jersey 08322, United States

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The Important Information

We offer premium quality choose and cut Christmas trees.

Any tree, any size is $56.27 + $3.73 NJ sales tax = $60.00

Currently, we only except Cash or Personal Check.

We are open 10 am - 4 pm, every Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving until Christmas. 

Directions to Farm

From Route 55 N or S take exit 39B Route 40 W towards Elmer. Go 1.5 miles and turn right onto Aura Willow Grove Road (second crossroad). Go 1.1 miles and turn right onto Royal Avenue (second right at top of hill). Go 0.3 miles to farm, parking on right.

About Us

what to expect

Please park your car in the parking lot, not along the road. Then walk across the street, through the gate, and into the field.

Wear appropriate clothing for cold weather including coats, hats, gloves, and footwear. Imagine you will go walk through the woods for an hour in the winter. Bring work gloves since you will carry your tree.

The trees are of various sizes throughout the field so you will need to walk up and down the rows to find your perfect tree.

Be careful not to step on the baby trees while enjoying your experience.

No customer saws are permitted. One of our staff will cut your tree or you may help if you would like. Cutting down your Christmas tree is great fun for the kids.

Selecting your tree may take a while and we close at 4pm sharp since it gets dark rapidly. Please allow enough time to enjoy the experience.

There are several varieties of trees, but Douglas Fir are the most common.

Trees can be baled for FREE. This machine wraps string around it for easy handling.

Wheel barrows are available to transport your tree out of the field. Bring something (string is available to customer) to secure your Christmas tree to your vehicle. Remember, it is the driver's responsibility.

A port-a-potty is available.

Bring your camera. There are lots of photo opportunities.

No balled trees nor pre-cut trees are available. ALL trees are fresh.

Sorry, we do not offer "tagging" the term used for reserving a tree to be cut closer to Christmas.

Our farm is in the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program which ensures it will be a producing farm forever.

Email questions or comments to robotmaster07@comcast.net. Visit us on Facebook to share your experience, upload photos, and 'like' us.

Some Pictures


Christmas trees

Many rows of Christmas trees growing on our farm.


creating perfect trees

Shearing Christmas trees.

History of Our Farm


 The property was purchased in 1966. At that time it was a productive apple orchard. Look closely and you will see an apple on top of the tree on our road sign (see photo at top of page). Dad, Charles, was an engineer and mom, Eileen, a homemaker with three small children Chucky, Ron, and Jason. The boys would eat too many apples and get a belly ache. Mom would say quit your "belly aching," referring to the complaining about the belly ache. This is how the name of our farm came about.

Growing apples did not go well and the apple orchard fell into disrepair. In a few years, mom acquired some evergreen seedlings from the state for their reforestation program. These trees were planted across the road with three little helpers. Mom would dig the holes and have the boys hand her trees to plant. When she got to the end of the row, she turned around and there were no trees planted! It seems that the boys had been pulling out the ones she just planted and handing them to her. Well, after sorting that out, the trees grew. A few years later some friends visited and said, "hey, could I get one of those trees for a Christmas tree?" From this the tree farm was born. The remnants of those first trees are still growing. You can see the giant White Pine across the road behind the parking lot. After many years of trial and error, the farm is how you see it today.

Mom and Dad are now looking down over us three boys as we continue to grow Christmas trees. Belly Acres hopes that everyone will have a wonderful experience selecting their tree and enjoy a Merry Christmas!